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Very important insight, and yes, indeed, all of us end up being more cautious as we grow up. For most of us, god forbid if our professional colleagues see the people we were in college or the language we used with friends!

And therein I think lies the rub. As professionals, we have a lot more to guard and protect than as students and seekers - our reputations, our achievements, and most importantly, our perception as mature individuals who can be trusted with serious responsibilities like money, younger staff or projects!

Humans tend to impose the 'halo effect', both bright and dark, based on people's behaviour. We may perceive that a rough-talking executive is also a cheat and plagiarist, without there being any link between the two, or the vice versa. And that is a risk most responsible executives would not want to take.

Very important insight, but I think the answer will be in disaggregated careers, where personal reputations matter less than competence and I think that the pandemic-accelerated digital change is bringing that revolution faster than we expected.

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